Because philosophy and business have a lot to discuss!

The words that are at the heart of the company's difficulties are problems that philosophy has constantly confronted.

The knowledge acquisition to engage your employees

The format

An interactive and relaxed presentation of one hour on one of the themes that poses a problem for your organization and your employees.

Philosophy studies, creates and defines concepts. Simply explaining them makes the problems of the business more accessible and facilitates their resolution.


To establish the confidence and proximity needed to apprehend the PhiloLunch themes in the best dispositions, the sessions are limited to 10 participants maximum

Interactive presentation


The proximity set up by the limited number of participants allows for an exchange of quality without complex which is the only way to go beyond the taboos of these topics.


3 parts composed the PhiloLunch sessions:

1/ Concepts presentation and definition

2/ Focus on the impacts of these concepts on enterprise

3/ Exchange and discussions

The topics

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