How long are the credits valid?

Credits have no expiration date, they are valid for life.

Can I access it from my computer?

Yes, the web interface of WinLAB is accessible from the home page of our site by clicking on "WinLAB space" at the top right. Otherwise you can click directly here: https://winlab-web.winstate.org/

Can I export all feedback from a LAB?

Yes, for the moment we do it for free on your request because the export functionality in Excel format is not yet present in the application but we are working on it. => Add the code "LAB" via the blue cartridge and send us the name of the LAB concerned and the email address on which you wish to receive the export.


Can I be reimbursed for unused credits?

Yes, as long as you have more than 100 credits. All you have to do is request it either by mail or directly via WinLAB by adding the LAB code.

And if I have no more credits?

You continue to collect feedback and it does not change anything for contributors. On the other hand, feedback appears blurred and credit debt is created as new contributors participate. Simply credit your account again to review the previously blurred feedback.

If I re-credited less than my debt?

You will only see new feedback in proportion to the number of credits you have credited, chronologically, from the oldest to the most recent.


What do you do with the phone numbers of your customers?

We do not communicate or resell under any circumstances the personal data of our customers. We have no source of income related to the use of personal data, this is part of WINSTATE's DNA. Here is the link to access our privacy policy: https://www.winstate.org/en/privacy-policy

Customer Support

Do not hesitate to ask us your questions or report any problems! For this, two solutions are available to you:


Via the support Line directly in the WinLINE application


By email : support@winstate.org


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