Reduce psychosocial risks

by detecting HR blind spots

Reduce psychosocial risks

How to reduce psychosocial risks?

Because the reduction of the psychosocial risks is only possible if you can detect them, you need to detect some crucial information: RH blind spots

What are these blind spots?

RH blind spots represent information that you can not detect today within the company. In addition, these elements constitute a large majority of essential information in the improvement of the working conditions of the collaborators.


Detect weak signals

What is our value proposition?

We propose to HRDs to discover crucial but missing information in order to reduce psycho-social risks while protecting whistleblowers.


You offer your employees a dedicated listening channel that allows them to express themselves anonymously in order to provide you with information they have and that you can not detect today.

Equilibre des forces.

To detect RH blind spots and reduce RPS 

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